Tucker Carlson and Mark Steyn Analyze Loudmouth Liberal Spewing Hatred

On Thursday’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight”, Mark Steyn joined Tucker to discuss the Democrat media’s ever more open contempt for their fellow Americans.

These sorts of incidents, depicted in the video below, prove a point I never tire of making about the difference between Left and Right in America.

The Left is filled with abject hatred toward the Right and/or anyone who disagrees with them. The Left attributes evil motives to all who challenge their belief system. The Right hates no one, seeks to understand their political rivals (an impossible task), and generally believes the Left is misguided and ignorant. The Right would like to enlighten and convert Leftists, the Left wishes misery and death to the Right.

It’s the American version of the French Revolution without the Guillotine, so far at least.


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