Tucker Carlson Goes Out On a Limb

Earlier this week Tucker Carlson had a little meltdown on his FoxNews “Tucker Carlson Tonight show. He went after Sidney Powell for not producing the evidence for the claims she has made against the Left-wing vote fraud to steal the election from Donald Trump. She has given an overall description of the sort of evidence she has. The actual evidence itself is what Tucker wants. He won’t get it, nor should he.

An alternative title for this post could be Tucker Carlson Lays an Egg

Lawyers present their evidence in court, not on FoxNews. Powell and her cohorts, Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis, laid out an impressive “opening statement” this last Thursday. The audio was broadly published around the internet and on the Rush Limbaugh show. Powell and her team played out just how they believe the Dominion voting machine was used to switch votes from Trump to Biden. There was other evidence last week from showing the Dominion machine switched 6,000 votes from Trump to Biden. This was claimed have been a “glitch” by the machine and not an intentional stealing of votes. Uh Uh.

The Dominion vote machine was previously, a few years ago, offered for sale to Texas. The authorities there turned it down because of it’s software and hardware being so easy to manipulate vote tallies. The same happened in Canada where the Dominion machine was turned down for the same reasons. The origin of the Dominion, now based in Denver, was in Venezuela. There it was used to keep Hugo Chavez in office and now serves to keep Nicolas Maduro safe from any challengers in an election.

Trump had 800,000 votes in Pennsylvania when the polls closed at 8:00 PM on November 3rd. Trump was clearly the winner by a  wide margin at that time. But around midnight all that had changed. Trump’s lead was wiped out and Biden then had a massive lead over Trump.

All of this should make us suspicious at least. We are being accused of being conspiracy theorists (the usual left-wing mantra) and/or making up false claims about voter fraud. However, the most obvious explanation for the sudden turn around in Trump’s massive lead is naturally going to be suspicion of vote fraud on a massive scale.

I’ve followed Sidney Powell in many of her cases and I know she is a very competent lawyer who does not present evidence to a court that hasn’t already been well documented and tested. She wrote a great book which everyone should read, License to Lie, Exposing Corruption at the U.S. Justice Department.

No lawyer with half a brain will want to go to trial with only weak evidence.

Here is what Sally Zelikovsky at The American Thinker today had to say to the naysayers on this subject:

So, what’s really going on here?  Sidney Powell is a legal force to be reckoned with and a courageous one at that.  She is not only a fearless appellate expert but cut her litigation teeth in the late 70s when few women were in the field and those who were had to be light-years smarter than the brightest, most accomplished men.  It took courage to throw yourself into a practice dominated by men and still retain your femininity. 

Powell’s reputation is hard fought and she has a legacy of taking on unsavory characters and achieving justice for her clients.  That’s a true American heroine — not someone who is incompetent, let alone reckless.  Hers is not the profile of someone who would bluff her way through something that goes to the heart of our democracy and is bound to be in the history books.  Moreover, there are penalties for bringing frivolous suits under both federal and state laws.  She would never throw her career away on a whim with no purpose. 

Moreover, lawyers do not tip their hand to a preening press or public.  Revealing evidence prematurely gives the opposition opportunity to tamper with it and undermine the president’s case.  No one is owed that information just because they want it.  In due course, the evidence will be presented before a court so cool your jets, boys.

Touché, Tucker.

The rest of Ms. Zelikovsky’s American Thinker piece is well worth your time and I highly recommend it.


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