TSA Mission: “Dominate, Intimidate, Control”

James Bovard in yesterday’s USA Today, TSA has no excuse to continue groping.

Shortly after TSA was created in late 2001, one of its early mottoes was “Dominate. Intimidate. Control.” From the start, the TSA put more focus on browbeating hapless travelers than intelligently focusing on actual aviation hazards.

TSA agents recently failed to detect 95% of the weapons and bombs smuggled past them by Inspector General testers. Israel’s security force would likely have found all those weapons and bombs if anyone had attempted to put them on an El Al flight, and they do it without seriously invading passengers’ dignity.

From the UK Guardian in 2012: The TSA’s mission creep is making the US a police state.

It gets even worse. The incompetence of the TSA has indirectly empowered Muslim activists playing the race/discrimination card and encouraged terrorists. Here’s how: United Airlines, at least, will fire any flight attendant who is the subject of a complaint of discrimination by a Muslim activist, no matter how frivolous and groundless the complaint. Why? Because United fears the weapons and bombs the TSA fails to find more than law suits by wrongfully fired flight attendants.

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