The truth about climate change

The simple truth about climate change is that it’s happened a lot in earth history, it’s going to happen again, possibly quite soon, and it has little to do with human activity or carbon emissions into the atmosphere.  The largest percentage of greenhouse gas in water vapor and humans have no control over it. We will continue to be told otherwise, that if it’s hot in Australia that due to human caused global warming, and if it’s cold in North America that’s also caused by human caused global warming,  This will keep up no matter what happens because the climate change alarmists are not really interested in climate change except as it may provide a convenient vehicle for more government control of every nook and cranny of private life.

Sun spot activity, not humans driving SUVs, apparently has a lot to with warming and cooling of the earth’s climate.  Sun spots are small spots [relatively speaking, they can be hundreds of miles in diameter] on the sun’s surface that are of much cooler temperatures than the surrounding surface. [Cooler as in 3,000° C while the surrounding area is 6,000° C.]  The temperature differential is due to magnetic field activity.  Scientists have known about sunspots since the invention of telescopes in the 17th Century, and since that time have established that sun spot activity (or the lack thereof) seems to have a profound effect on earth’s climate changes.

Michael Barone discusses this in his latest column in the Washington Examiner and offers a quote from a new book, Global Crisis: War, Climate Change and Catastrophe in the Seventeenth Century, by historian Geoffery Parker:

“The development of telescopes as astronomical instruments after 1609 enabled observers to track the number of sunspots with unprecedented accuracy. They noted a ‘maximum’ between 1612 and 1614, followed by a ‘minimum’ with virtually no spots in 1617 and 1618, and markedly weaker maxima in 1625-26 and 1637-9. And then, although astronomers around the world made observations on over 8,000 days between 1645 and 1715, they saw virtually no sunspots: The grand total of sunspots observed in those 70 years scarcely reached 100, fewer than currently [the book was published in 2013] appear in a single year. This striking evidence of absence suggests a reduction in solar energy received on earth.”

If anything in science is ever “settled” it must be that the absence of sun spots over those 70 years was responsible for the “little ice age” that occurred then.  Barone suggests the earth may be heading for another such period of cooling on earth. If so, as Bjorn Lomberg has written, the consequences to earthlings of a long period of cooling would be much harder to bear that a bit of global warming.  If the lack of sun spot activity is responsible there is nothing that human beings can do about it.

It’s a good thing we have abundant sources of coal, petroleum and natural gas. If the climate gets cold enough maybe the politicians and environmental extremist wackos will stop trying to prevent us from producing it. I’ve noticed that when people think they are too cold they get angry at anyone they think is responsible.

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