Trust the scientific method, not scientists

Science done honestly is done by a method called, not surprisingly, the Scientific Method. When the scientific method is adhered to and followed we can trust it. Sadly, a lot of what is called science today is not what would have resulted from faithfully following the scientific method. Too many scientists today have a political agenda that corrupts the science they produce. Since the early 1970s corrupt science has exploited the scientific ignorance of ordinary people all with the aim of gaining political power. The progression of popular beliefs in first global cooling, switching to global warming when the cooling story became implausible and now to climate change since too many people have come to see that no warming is going on.

It’s not as if the politically motivated scientists have not been challenged. There’s a plethora of books and printed scholarship refuting and drawing into question their every word. The result is that climate “scientists” now spend more of their time in the political arena than in the laboratory.

Professor of Atmospheric Science at Penn State Michael Mann created the infamous “Hockey Stick” graph showing that average global temperatures were relatively even for hundreds of years until the 20th Century when they suddenly shot upward making for a graphic line resembling a hockey stick.  This was referred in the now exposed East Anglia email scandal as “MIke’s hockey stick trick.” The UK Telegraph called it the worst scientific scandal of a generation. Michael Mann now spends his efforts suing for defamation anyone who tries to expose the truth about his “hockey stick trick.”

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