Trump’s “extreme vetting” immigration policy

In a speech yesterday Trump called for “extreme vetting’ of all Muslim immigrants to keep us safe from Islamic terrorism. He said Sharia law is incompatible with the U.S. Constitution and all who profess it should be kept out.

Milo Yanniopoulos says it’s brilliant. He describes it as an “ultra-progressive immigration policy.”

He doesn’t use the word “progressive” as liberal Democrats do, as a marker for nanny-state, speech and thought police, Muslim pandering. Nor does he mean its actual definition of proceeding gradually or in stages. He means it as something that will actually make life better for minorities.

Milo makes no reference to the Republican Progressives of the Progrossive ERA, roughly the period in American history from 1900-1917. That’s when much legislation both at the state and federal level was passed to solve specific problems such as impure food and drugs, uncompensated workplace injuries, giving women the right to vote, etc. Milo sees Trump’s immigration proposal more akin to the progressive mindset of that era than the current phoney one that seeks to flood the country with Muslim immigrants who come here to hate us. Hillary Clinton knows, as does Angela Merkle, that she will be insulated from the ill effects her own policies.

Here’s why Milo calls it progressive, in the better sense of the word:

The test will apply to all immigrants, yet its obvious target is Muslims, who, as we know, get a bit bomby in the presence of gays, a bit rapey in the presence of women who wear skirts shorter than their ankles and generally a bit hostile and violent around anyone who doesn’t have their bum in the air five times a day.

The media won’t portray this policy as progressive, of course — they’ll portray it as stupid, bigoted, and reactionary. The Washington Post, little more than a Hillary mouthpiece this election cycle, has already started, branding the proposal “crazy” and “outlandish.” But it isn’t. Actually, it’s about the most pro-gay policy I’ve ever heard from a presidential hopeful.

Trump has also promised to deport hate-preachers in the U.S. His specific wording (“send them home”) again suggests that he’s targeting Islam.

The unbelieveable hypocrisy of the Left is that they claim to be the saviors of womens’ and gay rights at the same time they want to import a human population of the most gay-hating and misogynist people on the planet.

The Left, of course, think Orlando was a tragic incident of workplace violence, enabled by toxic masculinity and a lack of gun control.

I’m comfortable with people who are uncomfortable with gays, as long as they don’t want to kill us, maim us or throw us off rooftops. (Permission for lesser violence is available upon application.) For leftists, the reverse appears to be true — they’re uncomfortable with people who are uncomfortable with gays, unless they want to kill us and maim us and throw us off rooftops.

Thus, decline to bake a cake for some lesbians and you are a heinous bigot. Murder 50 fags and injure 50 more and you’re a tragic victim, probably reacting to islamophobia, whose dad will be invited to stand behind Hillary Clinton at a rally.

There’s no diplomatic way to put it. In this historic announcement, Donald Trump has dramatically overtaken the chronically Muslim-friendly Democratic Party on gay rights. I predict conservatives across the west will soon follow suit. The right is quickly realising that, thanks to the silence on Islam, it is they and not the left who are destined to safeguard women, gays, and minorities from the barbarians of the East.

Throughout this election cycle, Trump has been attacked as a bigot and a reactionary on immigration. With this new plan, though, he has proven beyond doubt that he’s the only person running for President who can stick up for chicks and queers.

Face facts, guys. It is the political Left that wants to flood America with violent homophobes and misogynists, not Trump. No-one with a clear-eyed view of Muslim culture can believe otherwise.

Trump needs to keep this up and stop whining about the evil media. He’s right about the media, of course, but nobody gets elected by trying to make people feel sorry for him. No Republican anyway.

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