Trump would be the first orange-skinned president

Trump charactures will look something like this:


Red State reports the the media is about to unload stories on Trump’s Mafia ties. He doesn’t have direct ties but apparently some of his business partners did. That wouldn’t be unusual. Every tycoon has probably had business partners with mafia ties because the mafia is heavily involved in crony capitalism. The blame should go to the politicans and bureaucrats who willingly become cronies of capitalists for all the great opportunites for graft that flow from it.

This is how the media works to first select the GOP candidate they want and then destroy them afterwards. If the media creates you they can destroy you. The one they want is the one upon whom they have some dirt they can dump at just the right time, like after and not before it becomes clear that person will indeed be the nominee.

This tactic has worked so well for so long they are probably salvating over what they’re going to do to Trump after he gets GOP nomination sewn up. But tactics that work for a long time can stop working at any time. So far Trump just gets more popular with his supporters after every attack made on him. The hitch could be whether his supporters constitute a majority of voters and the primaries so far have not indicated that. He has won all with a plurality, not a majority.

Here’s some scandalous dirt on Trump that I just found. Apparently, he likes his steak well done. Yuck, this is over the top. He’s unfit to be president.

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