Trump, The Chi Coms, and the Peking Pox — What is Really Going On?

What if it turns out the coronavirus didn’t just “escape” but was intentionally spread by the Chi Coms so it would hit America (and the rest of world) just in time to damage Trump and defeat his re-election.

Is it just a coincidence that the Peking Pox happened within a few short months prior to an election? We know that China desperately wants a Left Wing goof like Joe Biden to be the president so they won’t have to make the sort of concessions Trump has elicited from them. Would they do such a thing as spread a virus to, in their minds, give them an “insurance policy” against Trump?

Would they be willing to murder thousands of innocents to get the outcome they want in November?

Well, murdering thousands is not something they’ve never done before. Communism does not value the individual, it values the state.

Most cops do not believe in coincidences and neither do I. At least not ones such as where a wife takes out a million-dollar life insurance policy payable to her husband and not long thereafter mysteriuosly dies.

I think that hypothetical example and the timing of the Peking Pox appearance fall into similar categories.

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