Trump Takes on the “Squad”

Trump Takes on “The Squad” with this video:

They want to be the leaders of the Democrat Party and Trump wants to lend a hand to help they achieve their goal.

Stacey Matthews at Legal Insurrection:

It’s like clockwork.

President Donald Trump tweets out criticisms of someone or something. Democrats hop on he Twitter machine and left-wing cable news networks to denounce his comments and defend the object of his ire.

It’s a deliberate strategy on Trump’s part. He designs it to get liberals on record, taking positions on public figures or issues that are unpopular with most mainstream Americans. Democrats take the bait almost every time.

Finally, An American President Stands up to Al Sharpton

Trump is anathema to Left, refreshing to GOP voters. We’ve never had a president like him. He doesn’t tuck tail and apologize every time the Left attacks him. He fights back. He’s accused of attacking the Left but in fact he doesn’t attack, he defends with counter attacks. Big difference.

American Jews have shown what happens when you don’t stand up and fight back. The Left has always been infected with anti-semitism but it has’t always been as vicious as it is today. Meanwhile, American Jews continue to vote for Democrats. They might think they can placate the Left with their votes but that doesn’t work, never has and never will. Experience shows it just makes progressive Democrats hate them more and attack them harder.

Al Sharpton has shown the way:

American Jews who hate Donald Trump and love Al Sharpton must be out of their minds.  Some sort of Stockholm Syndrome, I guess.

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