Trump Takes Important Step To Restore the Rule of Law in America

Article I, Section 7, Clause 1 of the United States Constitution says, “All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives…” That’s why all appropriations for government spending are contained in bills beginning with “H.R.” This was not a new idea in 1787. It dates back to the Magna Carta of 1215 which says the King cannot impose taxes or spend any money unless Parliament first enacts a tax or otherwise approves of spending with an appropriation. That why the Magna Carta is hailed as the ending of the “Divine Right of Kings.”

By 2013 is was clear that insurance companies were losing money on the Obamacare policies it was issuing and would begin to withdraw from Obamacare exchanges. As passed in March of 2010 Obamacare contemplated that direct payments to insurance companies would be needed to hide its true cost by shifting those cost to taxpayers and bribing insurance companies to participate in Obamacare exchanges. The original law failed, however, to appropriate any money for these payments to Insurance companies, “called cost sharing reduction” subsidies, or CSR payments.

The Obama Administration asked Congress in 2013 for an appropriation of money for these payments. Congress (having regained a GOP majority in the House the year before) for once did the right thing and refused . Not to be held back by something so small in his mind as Congress or the United States Constitution, Obama just ordered his administration to go ahead and begin paying the subsidies from other sources of funds.

The House sued and won a judges order that the Obama administration cease making the payments. Obama and his administration ignored the judges order. CSR payments were made, insurance companies began leaving the Obamacare exchanges anyway, but the payments continued. Until yesterday that is, when President Trump stopped the payments by executive order.

The media sees this as sabotaging Obamacare.  That’s how they will report it.

Good accounts of this particular instance of Obama’s lawlessness are given this week by David Harsanyi, Andrew McCarthy, John Hinderaker, and Scott Johnson.

A record the entire profusion of Obama lawlessness up through the middle of his second term of office, can also be found in a great book from 2015 by David E. Bernstein, Lawless: The Obama Adminstrations Unprecedented Assault on the Constitution and The Rule of Law. Bernstein’s book begins with a foreword by Senator Ted Cruz which gives a quick overview of the pervasive lawlessness that became the signature of almost everything Obama touched while president.

This is a story of Obama’s culture of corruption and his devious efforts to save Obamacare from itself. It’s the story of President Trump’s efforts to return America to the rule of law. It will go down in history neither as tragedy nor comedy, but simply as an historic tale of the shameless degradation of American institutions.

For now, It is now a tale that deserves to be read carefully. America needs to understand how the Obama administration repeatedly broke the law and ignored his solemn oath to uphold and protect the Constitution. All done in an attempt to prop up his failing government healthcare scheme. Trump issued his two executive orders on Obamacare this week to restore the rule of law, and to strike down the rule of one man and his gang of miscreants. It’s a stunning account of government corruption.

The media will never tell us the truth on this. It might give us a distorted partisan explanation for it, but never the cold truth because the truth demonstrates how the media protects Democrat lawlessness.

Scott Johnson in his excellent Powerline post gives Obama a bit of a break, saying Obama acted out of what he thought was the “higher good.” I don’t think so. Whenever Democrats speak of the “higher good” or the “greater good” you can be sure they are putting lipstick on a pig. We should always take the allusion to “greater good” as a signal something unscrupulous is underway.

This story explains something more, something in addition to what Scott Johnson says in his piece at Powerline blog. It demonstrates the absolute ineptitude and fecklessness of the GOP establishment. The GOP, since gaining its majority in the House in 2010 and in the Senate in 2014, should have been policing the Obama Administration and pushing back against its lawlessness. Utter shame should forever be attached to the names of Speaker of the House John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

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