Trump Suspends 1938 Road Law, Gives Truckers Green Light To Move Emergency Supplies

Gosh, I wish Trump had consulted me on this. The 1938 law currently forbids truck drivers from driving more than 11 hours during a 14-hour work period. After that, drivers are required by law to have 10 hours of down time.
I remember from times past how Consolidated Freightways (1929-2002, no longer exists) kept their trucks moving nearly 24 hours a day. They put two drivers in each truck, one driving and one sleeping to keep the truck’s wheels rolling except for necessary stops to eat and answer the call of nature.
Since I do a lot of driving on large capacity highways, I know very well what sleep fatigue does to one’s driving ability. No one wants to be on the road with a sleepy guy driving an 18-wheeler. When I try to drive while nodding off, it’s very dangerous to both me and other drivers. That’s when I seek the first pull over and put the seat all the way back and close my eyes for 20-30 minutes. That usually gives me a fresh start and keeps me and others safe.
Putting two drivers in each truck to keep the wheels rolling with emergency supplies would have been a better idea. As well as being safer it would keep more truck drivers employed.
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