Trump sits for interview with Piers Morgan

On Wednesday Trump sat for an interview with Piers Morgan. When Morgan was on CNN he was such a prig. I don’t watch CNN but one could always find clips of Morgan’s silly raging against guns. Since returning to the UK I thought Morgan had cooled his jets a bit and become a little more reasonable. I mean, at least I didn’t need a barf bag to watch him.

But in his interview with Trump he went full prig stupid on guns again. He believes, as do a lot of other prigs, that if we would just pass a law making private ownership of guns illegal gun violence and mass shootings would magically never happen again.

Of course, that is nonsense to anyone will half a brain. It would be easy to take guns away from peaceful law-abiding citizens. All that would do is create even more mass shootings. The peaceful law-abiding people would become easier targets for criminals and/or deranged individuals who would not be affected by the gun ban. Mass shootings all take place in gun-free zones. If the entire country were made into a gun-free zone the criminals and nut jobs would have a heyday.

Merely passing a law against private gun ownership does not eliminate all guns. Criminals and crazies can always get them. Law-abiding folks cannot because…they are law-abiding!

Trump called Morgan out on that, saying doing what he wants would simply make good people “sitting ducks.” That is exactly right.

It must be remembered that those who do not own guns and have no desire to own a gun get a tremendous benefit from others owning guns. They become free riders because the fact that many people own the ability to defend themselves, but criminals have no way of knowing who does or does not, means that criminals must and will tread more carefully. That’s good for everybody, even those who don’t have a gun and don’t want a gun.

The UK has pretty much eliminated gun ownership, but the worst criminals still have them. The stock of guns in Great Britain is certainly lower on a per capita basis that in the U.S.  Has that made England an Island of peace and tranquility?

Acid before — after

No, not even close. The sick-headed have discovered multiple other ways to create mayhem. The UK presently has a huge number of knife stabbings. What will they do, outlaw kitchen knives? Knives aren’t the only weapon of choice. Splashing acid in people’s faces has become common. If you’ve ever seen what acid can do to a face you know how horrific it is. Blindness is often just one result.

If the acid throwers had to deal with the possibility of being shot we’d see a whole lot less of that sort of depravity.

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