Trump keeps pushing the Left’s buttons, driving them into insanity

The increasingly radical left defends everything from MS-13 to porn stars to socialism to identity politics to abolishing ICE and to apparently, land seizures in South Africa based on someone’s skin color.

South Africa’s plans for what it euphemistically calls “land reform” but is actually land theft from White farmers, is no different from what Robert Mugabe has been doing in Zimbabwe. This prompted President Trump to issue a Tweet that drove the left, as Mark Steyn says, “…to paroxysms of outrage at the unbearable whiteness of his Tweeting.”

So on Thursday’s show Tucker and Mark Steyn discussed Trump’s uncanny ability to get into the left’s head and drive them crazy every morning. Tucker asks, “If the Left is opposed to everything Trump says or does, then doesn’t Trump control the Left’s message?”

Indeed, Trump lives rent free in their heads. The Left has given Trump the power to control their thoughts and drive them deeper and deeper into insanity.


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