Trump Is Going To Win This Thing

Jay Valentine of American Thinker and Scott Adams of Dilbert fame both agree on this, and I agree with them. They make a compelling account of how it will happen. Here is the short hand version, in my words not theirs:

The mainstream media has awarded Biden 290 electoral votes. But they are fake news. Nothing is awarded until the State Legislatures act in mid-December. They can’t certify anything so long as the election is in doubt.

It takes 270 electoral votes to win. If Biden loses Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes he can’t lose even one more electoral vote and still win the presidency.  If all the votes that came in to Pennsylvania after the polls closed at 8:00 PM on November 3rd are tossed, Biden loses those 20 electoral votes because at the point where the polls closed Trump was ahead in Pennsylvania.

The Supreme Court has ordered those late-arriving votes be segregated. Pennsylvania’s election laws say all ballots must be in before the polls close. Only the Pennsylvania Republican State legislature can change that. They won’t change the state’s voting laws and even if they tried the Supreme Court ruled in the Al Gore case you can’t change the rules in the middle of the election.

There are 6 other states counting votes and Biden’s lead is falling. Just one of them taking Biden below his lead will knock him out of the game.

Another path to another 4 years is Trump’s honey badger fighting spirit and a new round of rallies like we haven’t seen before. The rally goers have had their votes stolen from them and they want them back.  They’re mad as hell and they aren’t in the mood to compromise much less capitulate. This one, say Valentine and Adams, will be tons of fun, “Donald Trump is now playing to his strength – going to the people.This has never failed him, and it will not fail him now.”

I hope they are right. I think they are.

Read the whole thing, here.

More good news for Trump:

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US Army seizes Dominion servers in Germany, Trump lawyer [Sidney Powell] vows, ‘I’m going to release the Kraken’

“Kraken” refers to a mythical enormous sea monster off the coast of Norway. Sidney Powell is the author of a great book, License to Lie.

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