Trump or Hillary: Hyperventilating Conservatives Need A Realty Check

The “NeverTrump” attitude is self destructive for Republicans and conservatives, yet it appears that it will be difficult for some to give it up and declare their support for Trump. Conservative magazines (e.g., National ReviewThe Weekly StandardCommentary), blog sites (e.g., RedState, Erick Erickson’s The Resurgent), and political figures (e.g., failed 2012 nominee Mitt Romney, Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE)) are sworn to the #NeverTrump stance. They are posing against hard the hard truth that the GOP nomiee is going to be Donald Trump.

Acceptance of reality you cannot change is always the way to go, no matter how painful. The other way, indulging oneself in spite and anger, is inevitably worse.

It will be easier for the NeverTrumpers if they will just focus all their intellectual energy on the reality that it is going to be either Trump or Hillary. That’s the reality check that’s needed to avoid disaster. Politics rarely gives us a choice between good and evil. Instead, we usually face a choice between bad and worse. This time it is a choice between not-so-good, and unspeakable evil. The choice may be less than ideal, but making the wrong choice will be ruin like you haven’t seen before. The NeverTrumpers must understand that their hyperventilating over Trump is itself a choice, a very bad one.

Both Trump or Hillary bring with him or her an entire entourage of down ballot politicans, political appointees, staffers, hired hands, and supplicants. Up to 3 or 4 more Supreme Court Justices. Three more Ruth Bader Ginsburgs? Let’s just slit our throats right now!

Hillary’s cortège will be straight out of the Devil’s pleasure palace. They will torment us for 4 years, or 8 years. We may never recover from the wreckage.

Hillary is a brazen criminal even when she is under scrutiny. But we haven’t seen anything like what it will be should she gain the power and prestige of the presidency. Think of all the influence she has sold to foreign potentates with the Clinton Crime family foundation. They are going to be expecting to get what they paid for.

We can’t let that happen. Please NeverTrumpers, don’t let that happen. Please come to your senses.

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