Trump gives full pardon to Dinesh D’Souza

This is very good news. Trump gives full pardon to Dinesh D’Souza who was hammered by Democrats because of his hit anti-Obama documentary called “2016: Obama’s America.” The film painted Obama as a radical leftist who intended to overturn the basis of America’s founding and make America into something our founding fathers would recognize only as everything they hoped and dreamed could be overcome by the new nation they created. Trump is putting a halt to all that and working to make America Great Again. Pardoning D’Souza  is step in that direction.

D’Souza was prosecuted under a campaign finance law that is almost never used against anyone. He gave $20,000 to New York politician Wendy Long, allegedly going over the contribution limit by directing other donors to give to her. This is done by others who have never had anyone claim that encouraging others to contribute to a candidate constitutes a campaign finance violation.

D’Souza was sentenced to five years of probation and eight months in a halfway house, and paid a $30,000 fine. I hope his pardon will mean he gets his money back.

I have recently read D’Souza’s latest book. It’s a well documented, indexed and footnoted scholarly pursuit of truth. I can’t recommend it enough.

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