Trouble for Hillary Clinton in 2016

Have the Democrats moved so far to the Left Hillary is now seen by the so-called and mis-named “progressives” as too centrist? That’s ridiculous to conservatives. From our viewpoint Hillary is as far left as you can get without falling over, but liberal Democrats are already so bent over for gay marriage, income inequality, and hatred of free market capitalism they see a fruitcake like Elizabeth Warren as their preferred candidate. Hillary might oblige them to win the nomination but if so she’ll have to demonize a lot of corporate donors, which she needs. That could be a tightrope walk that her husband can do with amazing aplomb, but Hillary has never been very good at that sort of thing.

Contrast Republicans and Democrats: Republicans think they have to be seen as centrist to win an election but that costs them the conservative vote without which they cannot win. Democrats win when they are seen as centrist but when they play to their Leftist base they lose. As with all rules there are exceptions which prove it. In this case Barack Obama is the exception, but Hillary can’t count on that. “First woman president” doesn’t have the same panache as “first Black president.” I call that Black privilege.

Also, this is pretty interesting: Democrat Urban Revolt

This poses questions for the Democratic party nationally. If highly-visible urban Democratic centers are moving sharply to the left while the rest of the country looks on in displeasure, it will be harder for national leaders to straddle the divide between left urban grassroots and the suburban and centrist voters (not to mention the Wall Street money) needed to prevail in national contests.

The Democrat party has moved sharply Left under Obama. This is both scary and hopeful. Scary in that they might win control of the country again in 2016, but hopeful that this is why they won’t.

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