Trey Gowdy Takes a Knee

The Morning Report:

The top story is the succumbing of Trey Gowdy to a bad case of swamp fever. It had been a slow and agonizing illness. That is, slow and agonizing to the American people who once looked to him as a wicked-smart conservative legal eagle and defender of the Constitution. But after a series of bad haircuts and questionable sartorial decisions (not to mention being nothing more than a tough-talking blowhard when you get right down to it), he decided it would be better to be seated on a panel with Kaptain Kristol, the cruise director than serve the people. His defense of the FBI for its criminal spying on the Trump campaign was just the absolute last straw. Mark Levin, who at one point IIRC was an ally of the man, lit into him as did Rush Limbaugh, albeit mellower as is his wont.

Although we are still not privy to many of the details, the facts are undeniable: the top echelons of our Federal law enforcement and intelligence communities led an illegal, covert spying operation against an American presidential candidate with the intent of sabotaging the campaign. After that failed, the goal was to manufacture false evidence of a crime to oust and/or kneecap him as a means of covering up their crime. The only thing yet to be confirmed is was all of this at the behest or direct involvement of Barack Obama and/or Hillary Clinton.

For Trey Gowdy, who is a seasoned prosecutor as well as a veteran of Washington DC to not only not see this but to effectively parrot James Comey, James Clapper and John Brennan means he is either incredibly stupid or gallingly duplicitous. It’s the latter, and considering who I had thought he was for the past few years makes his betrayal that much more bitter a pill to swallow. And now, those of us with TV will have to endure this two-faced Judas for a long time to come. Meh. It’s Washington.

Rush Limbaugh speculates that perhaps Gowdy has been tapped by Trump to take over at DOJ after snooze Sessionzzzzz leaves, which it appears Tumps wants him to do. If this is true, and I think that’s a long shot, Gowdy’s hat tip to the swamp might be meant to make it easier to get him confirmed. I love Rush but I don’t think he’s right about this one. I have to hesitate because he’s embarrassed me to myself before when I thought he was wrong about something. That’s why I love the guy, he fixes me when I’m broken. I hope that’s what will happen again this time because until yesterday I was a fan of Trey Gowdy.

If Rush is wrong and Gowdy is doing what so many Republicans do by trying to earn some credit with Democrats, then he’s not really as astute as I always thought he was. He ain’t stupid so I’m having a hard time with this. So many Republicans, like George W. Bush, have tried to cozy up with Democrats and it always blows up in their faces. It’s a sad sack Republican who fails to understand that Democrats do not want to make nice with them.  You cannot reason with them, they simply refuse. The only option is to beat them at the ballot box. There is simply no other way.

An iron clad principle that goes along with this is the more Republicans try to meet Democrats half way the more Democrats lose respect for them. As respect seeps away hatred fills the void. They are bullies and they do what bullies on every school playground does. The more a kid tries to be the bully’s friend the more the bully beats on him.

Politics more than any other adult endeavor makes grown men and women revert to their puerile nature and act like children on a playground. Liberalism is an ideology. Conservatism is a philosophy, and like all philosophies it requires mental disciple. That makes it hard for some people to sustain it. It’s the basis for O’Sullivans first law of politics: Every institution that is not affirmatively and consistently conservative will become liberal over time. Life just gets easier when one gives up the hard labor of thinking things through and succumbs to the make-believe world of liberalism.

That what I think has happened to Trey Gowdy. I think he went to Washington to help drain the Swamp, but like so many others, once in the Swamp it began to feel like a warm and cozy hot tube. I hope I’m wrong, but I’m probably not. Occam’s Razor predicts I’m right.


Check  this out: Mollie Hemingway, Gowdy Never Saw Subpeoned Records Before Exonerating FBI Spy Use

It looks like Gowdy has spoken before having his facts straight. That’s what liberals do, Congressman.

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