Traveling — Available Internet Connections Sloooooooow…….Grizzly Kills One Man — Another Man Convicted of Killing a (Different) Grizzly

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Man shoots grizzly that was feeding on a carcass after it stood up and looked at him. He called Game and Fish immediately to report it. Two weeks ago a Jackson, WY Jury convicted him of illegal taking of a bear even though they acknowledge he feared for his life. Bear was forty yards away, and a Game and Fish official testified that they usually retreat. Wrong, not when they’re feeding on a carcass. The most dangerous grizzlies are ones defending a carcass. It’s like ice cream to them. An adult grizzly can cover 40 yards in about 3 seconds. When a bear charges because it thinks you want his food, it’s a death charge. There will be no bluff or retreat, it’s the real thing. This is behavior instilled by thousands of years of evolution. It’s adaptive in keeping bear stomachs full of nourishing meat so it’s dominant in the genes. The winner of the fight gets to eat, lives and passes on its genes. The loser dies, its genes becoming an evolutionary dead end. All this occurred and became normal behavior before there were humans with guns. If humans with guns remains a fact of life long enough we will eventually have more docile grizzlies as aggression ceases to be an adaptive trait. Well, “we” won’t see it, but humans who live many thousands of years in the future might.

I think the shooter in this case got screwed by speculative testimony and a jury biased by their ideology and misinformation about grizzlies defending that type of food.

So today a 70-year old Cody man was mauled and killed by a grizzly while hiking west of Cody. At least Game and Fish can’t put him on trial.

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UPDATE Wednesday, 6/23: I should add that the hunter who shot the grizzly was not carrying bear spray and that hurt his case. The prosecutor in this case has lobbied for a law requiring hikers to carry bear spray (a law requiring them to carry a .44 magnum would make more sense). So when you go into the woods be sure to carry bear spray. It may not protect you from the bear but it might be of some help in protecting you from the jury and the prosecutor, assuming you are still alive to need such protection.

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