Toxic Waste

Obama’s Solyndra leaves toxic waste dump at abandoned plant

From Charles Rowley’s blog:

President Obama hailed Solyndra for its ‘go clean while going green’ plans for a new post-Bush environment. What a bag of tricks he created in squandering on   this environmental loser more than $700 million of taxpayers’ money  as poster boy for his ‘save the earth’ campaign.

Not only was the loan flushed straight down the White House toilet by an incompetent, even corrupt corporation. Left behind in its abrupt closure and bankruptcy filing, is a filthy toxic waste dump at its abandoned plant in Milpitas, California, leased from its landlord, iStar C.T.L.I.L.P.

Charles Rowley suggests Obama should pay for the cleanup out of his personal fortune.  Indeed. We need a Sarbanes-Oxley type law for politicians and bureaucrats who lie, cheat and steal creating messes that have to be paid for by taxpayers.

Read the whole thing.

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