Top Kill Worked? — Maybe

UPDATE Sunday: Failure. BP throws in the towel. It didn’t work.

UPDATE: Apparently the top kill experiment hadn’t been completed when this story was first broken by the LA Times and it is now not certain whether its going to work. It still might but the first report that it was working was premature. Of course, that didn’t stop Obama from claiming credit for it in his press conference yesterday.

This was the original post:

Coast Guard Admiral reports that British Petroleum has stopped the flow of oil from the Gulf oil spill with a procedure known as “top kill,” which was approved by the Coast Guard yesterday. Obama will be claiming credit for this but he deserves none of it. He contributed nothing to this effort and has in fact been an impediment by refusing to work with Governor Bobby Jindal on his efforts to erect barrier islands to stop oil from reaching the beaches. He could also have speeded up the permit process that would have allowed BP to have used its top kill procedure earlier. But he did nothing. Now there is credit to be claimed and he will swing in to action. Can’t let a good crisis go to waste.

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