Tomorrow (or today if it’s Thursday) we find out how much of our liberty we get to keep

UPDATE 10:30 EDT:  So we lose our liberty.  Obamacare upheld on grounds the mandate is a tax, something no one thought could be done, not even Obama.  The only hope now is that Republicans sweep the White House and Congress in November and repeal every comma and jot of this horrific law.  Speaker Boehner promises they’ll do that.  Expect Republican donations to rise and the RNC to begin releasing campaign ads promising to repeal.

The words of truck driver Dave Carter: [from yesterday]

The solemnity of the moment is becoming too much, the quiet between storm fronts too difficult to stomach. It’s time to rant. The very idea that we sit on the edge of our seats, eyes toward Washington DC, waiting on the deliberations and dispositions of nine mortals to tell us how much of our liberty we get to retain is preposterous. It is offensive and repulsive to a free people. Two days ago this Olympian council eviscerated Arizona’s sovereignty, thereby reducing 50 states to little more than administrative field offices of the federal government, and yet here we sit, eyes fixed as if watching for a particular color of smoke to rise from the Vatican. This is absurd.

It was 236 years ago that 56 men prepared to commit an act of treason against the Crown, and they sure as hell weren’t pledging their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor in order to secure the blessings of the Independent Payment Advisory Board, the Individual Mandate, the general defenselessness of the citizenry, unelected czars, unauthorized appointments, incursions on religious freedom, or a Chief Executive who takes it upon himself to effectively rewrite laws passed by the people’s elected representatives. Is this what they had in mind? They could have had all this rot without firing a shot!

Wish I’d written that.

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