Toddler in a cage, detained by ICE at the border in 2018?

Toddler in a cage at the border?

This is a staged photo taken at a protest in front of the Dallas City Hall on June 10th last. The “cage” was several sections of a five foot fence arranged rectangularly and open at the top. It was set up around a group of people so that propaganda photos could be taken that would ostensibly damage ICE and the Trump administration.

The boy is sobbing because the protesters put the “cage” around him with his mother standing outside and calling to him. He’s crying because he can’t get to her. He was probably confined in the “cage” just long enough for the picture to be taken.

The fakers took more photos that shows the reality of what they did and what kind of people they are. They have that in common with the German Nazis in WW II who took so many photos of their atrocities there was a treasure trove of photos available to help convict them at the Nuremberg trial.

The Left has a long history of using children for political propaganda. This sort of thing is a from of child abuse. What sort of parent would have allowed this? Here’s a photo of the boy walking away and shows the reality of what they were doing:

Meanwhile, here is another of a long string of similar examples of the price Americans are paying for the open-border policy of the Left and their accomplices in the GOP Establishment: Illegal Alien from Mexico Charged with Killing 14-year-Old-Boy Riding His Bike.

The driver fled the scene, as they always do, but was captured and arrested shortly after. Why does the Left and some in the GOP care more about illegal alien killers than American parents who are forced to suffer the anguish of the absolute worst thing that can happen to any parent?

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