Today, in 1692

On June 10,1692, Bridget Bishop, the first colonist to be tried in the Salem witch trials, was hanged.

NOTE: The grammar in that sentence is correct. While pictures and flower pots may be hung, human beings are hanged.

Note on hanging: When done correctly by an expert, hanging is a humane method of execution, although walking up the steps to the gallows is certainly more frightening than being strapped to a gurney. Hanging is legal today in Washington state and Delaware. Most times the prisoner is given a choice between hanging and lethal injection. Since 1976, three condemned persons have been hanged in the United States. Hanging is the method of execution today in 58 countries, in 33 of them it is the only method.  [according to Amnesty International] More on the science of hanging.

The controversy of whether the death penalty is a deterrent to crime might be resolved if hanging where the method of execution in the United States.  It wouldn’t work though because  the death penalty would seldom if ever be imposed as the sentence if hanging were the method of carrying it out.

Fortunately, witches are no longer tried as criminals in any state.  We do still have witch hunts, however.

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