Today is D-Day + 74

The featured image is the American military cemetery above Omaha Beach in Colleville-sur-Mer. When Charles de Gaulle threatened to withdraw from NATO and wanted Americans out of France, President Johnson asked if that would include the Americans buried at Normandy. de Gaulle, embarrassed, retracted.

Here’s a link to Ronald Reagan’s iconic “Boys of Pointe Du Hoc” D-Day speech. Keep the tissue box close, it’s going to move you to tears. “Pointe Du Hoc” is pronounced “Pwan Du Hoe.” But you already knew that.

More photos of D-Day


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  • TF

    My father was a Chief on a LST landing tanks at Normandy on this day. Probably like the picture you show. He picked up an impressive sub machine gun from a dead German and smuggled it back to the US and his home in Florida. Deep inside his sea bag along with his issued USN wool blanket. No scanners in those days and travel was by train. He called his friends at the local police dept to pick up the gun when his 2 sons were old enough to get their hands on it. I still have and treasure his Navy blanket. Memories!

    • Great story, thanks for sharing.

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