To Accentuate The Positive, Upbeat and Hopeful

Political blogs are joyless and negative most of the time. There is so much new material to write about every day and most of it is appalling. For example, Obama playing the race card and enlisting the president of Mexico for assistance, The U.S. State Department looking to open a dialog with “moderate” terrorists, states trying to tax the internet, those constitute only a partial list of the revolting acts of government in the last few days. It’s hard not to voice one’s opinion about these events. Until the politicians succeed in denying our freedom to speak out we should not hold back. It can get a bit depressing and someone might begin to wonder if there isn’t anything positive and upbeat to talk about. There is. Let me tell you about something I just found.

If you love good movies and you are a conservative you have been sorely disappointed with the anti-American, anti-freedom drivel and pap of Hollywood offerings for many years. But there has always been a few good flicks that sneaked through the censors of the left. Just to name a few: Braveheart, Gran Torino, The Patriot, The Illusionist, Blood Diamond, The Blind Side, The Kite Runner, Slumdog Millionaire, Lord of the Rings, Ghost Dog, The Lives of Others, The Incredibles, Master and Commander, and The Dark Knight are all movies a conservative can love. Now a blog of movies for conservatives, or anyone who still thinks America is a great country, has been relaunched after slipping away a couple of years ago.

Libertas Film Magazine — The Voice of Freedom in Movies and Popular Culture is back. The new site promises to:

“[Promote] films that celebrate freedom, democracy, and the dignity of the individual [by featuring] short films, webisodes, movie clips and trailers, podcasts, as well as news and reviews of pro-freedom films that are currently in theaters or are available on DVD. … Libertas’ goal is to show our readers movies they can enjoy — not just to warn them about movies to avoid.

Finding movies to enjoy as well as the ones to avoid is the whole purpose of movie reviews, no? But movie reviews these days are mainly for liberals to find movies that fulfill their desire for finding villains to hate. Movies like Erin Brockovich which depicts a woman whose life has gone South finding redemption when she gets a job as a paralegal with a law firm and soon discovers a huge corporate coverup of cancer-causing chemicals and ends up a heroin as the instrumental driving force in obtaining a large settlement of the cancer victims. Based on a true story, of course. Movie reviews called it the ultimate feel-good movie of the year. Perfect for the liberal mind set. Problem was, the so-called “true story” was mostly bull. The law firm that obtained the settlement was the biggest winner, the cancer was actually not linked to the chemicals, the corporate giants that got skewered might not have even been guilty. But it was good story, and according to postmodern “critical theory” that’s all that matters. Hollywood movies that blame “Amerika” for every evil on the planet constitute about 85% of all the moves made.

Thankfully we now again have Libertas to inform us about great movies that are funny and uplifting or serious and authentic. A very funny movie made in the U.K. and in American theaters now is The Infidel about a a Muslim who discovers that he was adopted and that he is actually Jewish. Here is the trailer:

It’s amazing this movie was even made. It was, thankfully. No one should be beyond parody because no one is. Especially the most arrogant group on the planet.

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