Time to stop thinking Hillary will be Dem nominee in 2016 — It ain’t going to happen

Breitbart: The Bigger they are…

As if all the bad headlines she’s getting weren’t enough…

Look at the polls. This week’s Fox News poll has Clinton’s favorable rating at its lowest point in six years. She is at 49 percent favorable, 45 percent unfavorable—similar to her 47 percent favorable, 46 percent unfavorable rating when she ended her last presidential campaign.

More important than the individual results, however, is the trend. Since leaving office as secretary of state, Clinton’s favorable rating has been on a downward trajectory. And this is before the rigors of a campaign, before a Biden or a Warren or an O’Malley or a Cuomo or a Schweitzer or a Sanders throws a punch or two, before Christie, Bush, Rubio, Walker, Jindal, Paul, Kasich, Ryan, Perry, and Pence go for the Cobra Clutch Bulldog. A shoo-in?So was The Undertaker.

The big question Hillary and her supporters can’t answer is what is her proudest accomplishment as Secretary of State. Hell, just naming even one accomplishment is a tall order.  Four dead Americans including the Ambassador at Benghazi is what comes to mind, and only because it was a disaster and dereliction of duty.

I’ve always argued the opposite with people who think Hillary and Jeb Bush are going to be nominees in 2016.  I said Hillary, no way; on Bush, I hope not.  Now I’m beginning to hope it is Hillary but I think the Democrats, being smarter than Republicans, are not going to nominate a loser.

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