Time for Republicans to deliver or face defeat in 2018

Former Republican Colorado State Senator Mark Hillman:

Time for Republicans to suck it up and produce

The repeal-and-replace debacle ought to be a cold shower for every Republican in Washington. It demonstrated that with so many Republicans advancing their own agenda, the party’s lawmakers can’t shoot straight – except at each other.

Republicans of all stripes now face the urgent task of proving that they can actually deliver on their promises. Stop racing to the TV cameras and start governing.

Republicans must produce results well before the 2018 election or they will deserve to be thrown out.

This isn’t as difficult as it might appear. President Trump is no policy wonk. With few exceptions, he cares more about “winning” than about details. Help him win, and he’ll be your ally. Embarrass him, and he’ll bargain with Democrats – including for future Supreme Court appointments. [emphasis added]

Governing is best viewed as a football game. Move the ball forward with good policies on a variety of issues and build momentum for a successful drive with legislation that brings credibility to your agenda. That creates opportunity for most everyone on the team to take credit for success on their favorite issue.

Typically, Democrats execute this playbook of “incrementalism” better than Republicans. In part, that’s because Democrats see government as a lifetime pursuit.

Successful “Hail Mary” passes are rare. Sometimes they result in epic failure. ObamaCare was a big play for Democrats, but it flopped and cost them dearly in three elections. Republicans’ failed attempt at repeal-and-replace will be costly unless they immediately learn from it and start working together.

I wish Mark Hillman would run for governor of Colorado.

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