Five Women Who Write So Well Everyone Should Read Their Work

Margo Cleveland writes for the Federalist. She writes about whatever she finds that seems to have gone wrong. Her latest at the Federalist is on the audit of the 2020 election in Georgia last November 3rd. “Gone wrong” is an understatement. The Georgia election was a perfect storm of illegal voting. Of course, Cleveland is up against mighty forces that are doing everything in their power to cover up the mess in Georgia as if there is “nothing to see here.”

Margo Cleveland finds plenty to see and it’s not pretty. She sees through all the cover up and details each offense that occurred in Georgia on November 3rd, especially in Fulton County. She has often said something so simple and so important that most other commentators have either downplayed it or ignored it altogether. Ii is just this: Every illegal vote wipes out a legal vote.

The left continuously barks that even if a few illegal votes occur it didn’t change the out come of the election.  First, the number go illegal votes won’t be known unless they are counted in an audit so we don’t know until then if the legal voters have standing to object because the out come of the election won’t change.

I’ve already said too much. Cleveland deals presisly with all this with. I encourage you to read her column, you will be enlightened. Georgia Secretary of State Explains Why He Just Now Discovering More Than 10,000 Illegal Votes Cast in 2020.

Stella Morabito, also writing at the Federalist, explains Why Communism Should Be Tried For Its Crimes Against Humanity. She says “It’s tragic that the free world has never held the lethal ideology of communism accountable for its crimes against humanity. Worse, the ideology is making a comeback.”

I immediately began thinking of the Nuremberg Trials, but Ms. Morabito beat me to it:

The whole world united to discredit National Socialism immediately after World War II. In a trial in Nuremberg, Germany in 1946, Nazis had to answer for their horrific crimes against humanity, which resulted in the deaths of 11 million people, including six million Jews. Yet despite more than 100 million murders, the victims of communism have never come together in a similar condemnation of communism.

The next thing that came to my mind was that today’s indoctrinated and ill-educated college students likely have no knowledge of what the Nazis did in WW II Germany. Given their present mindset they would probably not believe it anyway. After all, what the Nazis were hanged for has never been explained to them by any of their professors. They think Communism is “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”  Even one who has little education in WW II  and Communism would likely be suspicious of that tired old slogan. But not today’s students. They believe everything is free under Communism (or Socialism) and health care is better. They most likely do not know much about having a job and taking care of yourself and your family is the the good life, a better life than depending on strangers to give you every thing you want or need.

Mz. Morabito makes a great point on the Nuremberg trials. The Communist nations that were on the prosecution side could make it appear as if they were on the side of the West for human rights even though in their own country they gave brutal treatment of their own people little different than what the German fascists did.

Ms. Morabito make the case for a Nuremberg against Communism. I urge you to read the whole thing.

Joy Pullman also deserves to be widely read by thinking people every where. Today at the Federalist she takes on the GOP for not understanding their opposition. She says, “Too many Republicans still won’t understand the nature of the opposition. They are culture war Neville Chamberlains, feeding Americans to the Minotaur one generation at a time.”

I like the reference to Neville Chamberlain, the man who thought he could make peace with Adolph Hitler. Hitler did sign a peace agreement on 30 September to which Chamberlain waved in the air calling it “Peace in our time.”  Less that a year later, on September 1, 1939 Hitler invaded Poland, thus began WW II.

Chamberlain failed or refused to understand Adolph Hitler’s true intent. As Hitler played Chamberlain for a fool, so the Democrats quite successfully play Republicans for fools. With similarity of Chamberlain, the Republican office holders either refuse or fail to understand the true nature of the political Left in America. That nature does not allow for compromise with the GOP. They want power and when they have it they never give an inch. Unlike Republicans, the Left does not quarrel with one another, at least not in public.

Pullman quotes Abigail Shrier who definitely understands the true nature of Democrat office holders, and many if not most Democrat voters. Shrier is spot on correct. She brings the gift of clarity to the core mistakes the GOP seems to  make time after time:

…it treats Leftist ideologues like quirky out-of-town guests arriving for brunch. It assumes we all want the same things and are equally devoted to the perpetuation of bedrock American commitments: free speech, free exercise of faith, equal protection, rule of law.

But the Woke are not zany guests. They are home-invasion robbers. The structure they intend to leave behind will contain but a handful of the cultural artifacts they encountered. Bringing down statues of Abe Lincoln, books by Dr. Seuss and schools named for the country’s founders? That’s just their casing the joint. The large-scale heist hasn’t even started.

GOP big shots really need to read the Joy Pullman article in its entirety so they might wake up and see what lies before them. I highly recommend it for everyone even if only just a grain of politics is part of their persona.

Miranda Devine at the New York Post is also a women whose every written word should be read by everyone. She frequently appears on the Fox News Channel. She’s writing a book about the Biden crime family. I’l  buy it immediately when it’s released.







UPDATE: I don’t know how I did this but I left out Kim Strassel of the WSJ. I try to read everything she writes and am never disappointed.








Molly Hemingway








She has a new book on the 2020 election  coming out on October 12th. I can’t wait to get it.

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