Three Reasons to Vote For Trump

Those who were supporters of Scott Walker, Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz are understandably having a hard time reconciling themselves to casting their vote for Donald Trump. I share their concerns. Recognizing that this election is a choice between bad and a whole lot worse, I find three reasons to vote for Trump:

1. A defeat of Hillary gets rid of the Clintons for good; a win for Hillary keeps the Clintons at the top of America forever.

2. Since Trump is a white male Republican the media will, for once, do its job as the Fourth Estate. If Hillary is elected the media will double down as slobbering sycophants. She will bring into her administration an entourage of criminals that will torment us without end nor mercy for 4 years, or 8 years, all with the approval of the media. The Obama transformation will be completed and will rule America forever unless we have another bloody revolution. Brian Wolf at Ricochet said it well with these two sentences that I wish I had written: Clinton, of course would be a fearful, harridan of vengeance, hate-seeking her enemies through fair means and — more joyfully for her — foul. She would run the government as a criminal conspiracy to acquire power for herself and her cronies at the expense of all that is good and holy.

3. The Supreme Court under Hillary will become a Star Chamber for conservatives. The U.S. Constitution will become nothing more than a dusty old piece of paper in a drawer somewhere, ignored and forgotten. On the other hand, the twelve possible nominees on Trump’s list are all quite good for conservatives and for the U.S. Constitution to regain its role as the law that governs those who govern us.

UPDATE: Here is a 4th reason to vote for trump, this is the press conference Republican voters have long yearned for:

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