Thousands Line Up for Mark Levin’s Book Signing

Thousands line up at Tyson’s Corner Mall in Northern Virginia for Mark Levin’s signing of his new book Ameritopia which is number 6 in Amazon ranking and number one at Barnes and Noble.

The author wrote this in the epilogue:

MY PREMISE, IN THE first sentence of the first chapter of this book, is this: “Tyranny, broadly defined, is the use of power to dehumanize the individual and delegitimize his nature. Political utopianism is tyranny disguised as a desirable, workable, and even paradisiacal governing ideology.”

Plato’s Republic, More’s Utopia, Hobbes’s Leviathan, and Marx’s workers’ paradise are utopias that are anti-individual and anti-individualism. For the utopians, modern and olden, the individual is one-dimensional—selfish. On his own, he has little moral value. Contrarily, authoritarianism is defended as altruistic and masterminds as socially conscious. Thus endless interventions in the individual’s life and manipulation of his conditions are justified as not only necessary and desirable but noble governmental pursuits. This false dialectic is at the heart of the problem we face today.

The entire epilogue is re-produced at Ameritopia’s Amazon page.

From the blog Common Cents:

“Another amazing Book Signing by Author and Talk Show Host Mark Levin this one at Tysons Corner Mall in Northern Virginia. The line started forming several hours before he got there and literally wove all through the mall. When it reached 800 people upstairs, a 2nd line was initiated downstairs, that eventually went outside the mall itself. And you won’t find a more well behaved crowd of people. This is the real America folks. And of course everyone was her to meet Mark Levin and get him to sign his best-selling book Ameritopia.”

Mark Levin’s previous book, Liberty and Tyranny — A Conservative Manifesto, was a number one best seller for at least a year.

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