This Should Be A “Leading Indicator” — People Are Using Credit Cards To Buy Sundries

I was in line at the convenience store the other day to pay for my coffee and the woman in front of me used her credit card to pay for a cup of coffee and a couple of donuts.  I felt sad for her, no one uses a credit card to pay for these small items unless they’re broke.  And if they’re broke what will they do when the credit card bill arrives?

I remember when I might have used a credit card to buy something small when I had no other way to make the purchase, but that was decades ago when I was poor, like really poor, and in those days you couldn’t use a credit card to buy a cup of coffee.  I might have put my rent on a credit card or something and my rent was probably $15 a week.   And my financial straits were always temporary — it was not difficult then to find work in time to get me out of it.  Today’s situation seems to be more toward hopeless for some people. I blame the do-gooders in our society who claim to care about these people but are the most responsible for it, if only by voting for the liberal creeps who constitute the political class.

Today there’s a news story about people using credit cards to pay for basic necessities.

I used a word in the title to this post that used to be common but isn’t any more — “sundries” are many small items of various and diverse nature, such as sold in convenience stores. Another word I might have used would be “gedunk,” (pronounced ghee-dunk) but if you weren’t in the Navy before they allowed females on board ship that one would probably be a mystery to you. I know some other pretty good ones.

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