This Isn’t 2008 Anymore, Mr. Axelrod

David Axelrod goes to Massachusetts to trash Mitt Romney, and gets heckled!

I feared Romney would run a campaign similar to McCain in 2008, see Danger Foretold — Romney Acting Like McCain. He gave some indication of that, but now it appears I might have been wrong. If so, I’m very pleased to have been wrong.

There is no such position as defense in politics.  There are only two positions, offense and losing. Maybe Romney understands that.  Romney showed that he understood this principle when his opponents were other Republicans.  So did McCain but seemed to forget the whole thing when he ran against Obama.  Here’s hoping Romney will remember it now that his opponents are liberal Democrats from the Obama team.  These reports offer some encouragement on that score:

Combative Romney Team Hits Obama Coast to Coast

Heh: Romney holds campaign event outside Solyndra HQ

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