This is why the Republicans are called the stupid party

Republicans started with a unified convention supporting Romney. Then they started a factional war. Conservatives and the Tea Party didn’t want Romney in the primaries, they wanted a conservative. But when Romney won the primaries, conservatives put away their misgivings about Romney and got solidly behind him to beat Obama. So the Republican Convention started off with solid Republican unity.

But the establishment Republicans, the ones who don’t like conservatives or the Tea Party even though they cannot win an election without them, decided to start to a war. They don’t want to actually get rid of conservatives, because as thick skulled as they are they know they need them to win elections, so they decided to change the party rules of how delegates are won and how they are bound or not bound to a candidate. The underlying purpose of this fight is neuter conservatives and the Tea Party movement.

Unity? Forget it. They had unity, and they blew it up. They, meaning the establishment Republicans, have one specialty. They know how to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.  That’s why they are called the stupid party.

This may seem like inside baseball stuff, but it’s essential to understanding what is going on and what it means. More in depth analysis here, here, and here.

The last link is to the Rush Limbaugh website.  You many need to be a member to access it, not sure.    Here’s what a caller to Rush’s show said today:

 I’m really angry about this RNC effort to freeze out conservatives from having influence as delegates.  I’m a registered Republican for 22 years, active with the Tea Party for over three years.  Personally I preferred Cain or Santorum or Bachmann, but I’m voting for Romney. I really love Paul Ryan to save the Constitution, and despite the fact that the RNC froze out Texas and most conservatives from the process of picking the nominee to get their establishment candidate, the RNC got their pound of flesh, they got Romney, so they need to piss off and stop trying to freeze us out because without us there is no Republican majority, ever.  We made the House majority, not the RNC, and they better step off if they know what’s good for ’em or the Green Party is gonna be their closest parity competitor in future elections.

It’s people like the caller to Rush’s show the establishment Republicans want to freeze out under some idiotic notion that if they can just make conservatives shut up and go along with the establishment leaders (think John Boehner) then the media will stop saying mean things about Republicans.  They cannot face the reality that the media is liberal and they hate Republicans of any stripe and are never, ever going to stop writing stories calling Republicans cold hearted, mean spirited and racist.  Those are all political playing cards and liberals aren’t going to give them up anytime soon.

The answer for establishment Republicans is not to cow tow to the liberal bullies, the answer is to win elections, and the Tea Party movement has been delivering victories to Republicans for the last 2 years.  But the Republicans leaders think they have to get rid of the Tea Party.  That’s way they richly deserve their reputation as the stupid party.  If they are not careful they may see their worst nightmare:  a third party.  That would serve them right, but it sure would not serve America right.  A third party will put Republicans into permanent minority status, but it would also put America at the mercy of Democrats, and they have no mercy.

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