This is what fascism looks like

Boston Mayor vows to keep Chick-Fil-A out of city by denying the fast food restaurant a business license because its CEO supports Christian family values and just might also be against gay marriage.

I used to think we didn’t have a government established and approved religion in America to which everyone had to profess belief and pass a religious test.  But I guess some people think we should and it should be that we all worship at the altar of gay marriage, plus a few other their religious dogmas, such as abortion on demand right up to the last minute before normal delivery; the hoax of man-made global warming; recycling things that are just trash and are not actually recyclable; wind turbines that cost millions of dollars and don’t produce enough electricity to run a blender; solar cells that aren’t good for anything except throwing taxpayers’ money down a rat hole; ethanol that wastes energy, would not exist without government subsidy, drives up corn and wheat prices and gums up engines; and a couple dozen other nutbag ideas and fatuous bromides I don’t want to spend any more time thinking about.

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