This is a Story of Two Cats

If you aren’t a cat person it may not interest you. On the other hand, you won’t necessarily be bored by it even if cats aren’t your thing. It’s not just a cat story. It’s about animal behavior, and how interesting animals can be.

Until a few weeks ago we had two cats from the same litter. They’re male and female, brother and sister. They were born in March, 2010, so they’re 11 years old. The female got Lymphoma six weeks ago and died from it about three weeks ago.

We consulted several vet clinics and they all told us there was treatment but it would mean weekly visits to the Vet and even then there was only a 50% chance of perhaps extending her life for 2 years. There was no guarantee of a full recovery, in fact it was almost guaranteed that if she lived, she would likely not be comfortable.

She had always been such a sweetheart and we could not stand to see her suffer any longer. We followed the advice of a Vet we greatly trust and had her put to sleep. Our tears were uncontrollable.

The rest of this is the story of her brother’s response to all this. After she was gone he began to search the house, presumably looking for her. This went on for a few days. After that I think he understood that she was gone for good. They had never been separated before.

They each had their favorite sleeping places in our house. She never used his, nor he hers. But now he sleeps in one of her favorite places all the time. It’s reminds me of George Burns and Gracie Allen. When Gracie died George Burns said he dealt with his sorrow by sleeping in her bed.

Both animals and humans find ways to deal with heartbreak and sorrow.

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