I think these phenomena are connected…

First, to lay the foundation upon which to build an idea:

The way we gain understanding of what’s going on in the world around us is related to our ability to see what is connected and what isn’t.  It’s not always obvious.  For example, when a politician comes out strongly for an increase in the minimum wage, we may think that politician is sincerely trying to help unskilled workers improve their lives.

But when we discover that raising the minimum wage increases unemployment among unskilled workers we’ve made a connection that will increase our understanding of what’s really going on.  When we learn that unskilled workers are usually doing better in capitalist countries that do not even have a minimum wage, we’ve connected even more dots.  This not only enhances our understanding of how the world works, it opens new areas of inquiry.  If raising the minimum wage doesn’t help unskilled workers, just what are these politicians really up to? Does this benefit someone other than unskilled workers?  Who might that be? What are the politicians getting out of this?

If we are ever going to know more about this it will be because we’ve made certain connections that tell us to look further into the matter.  Another example: Human-caused global warming is pretty much understood now to be false. At a minimum, the theory has been brought into serious question.  Yet the “scientists” who were alleged to have discovered this phenomenon through the scientific method are now acting more like partisan true believers than scientists.  Why?  Obviously, there are some connections that need to be made.

Other examples abound.

I think the following two news stories point to come connections that need to be made.

More evidence the Left wants to get into your bedroom

The state of California pioneered this process {which now exists everywhere] by codifying “affirmative consent” or “yes means yes” codes into law. “Lack of protest or resistance does not mean consent,” the text of the law read, “nor does silence mean consent. Affirmative consent must be ongoing throughout a sexual activity and can be revoked at any time.”

In theory, this law protects college students – primarily young women – from being sexually assaulted while they are unable to consent actively to that activity. In practice, the adjudication of disputes surrounding an accusation of rape will now become infinitely more difficult. Moreover, the mere accusation of improper conduct has been elevated to a point where it nearly meets the evidentiary burden required to prove misconduct.

This problematic law is giving pause to even honest liberals concerned with the erosion of the Constitution’s protections of due process.

“A failure to procure ‘affirmative agreement’ means that sexual assault has taken place,” The New Republic’s Batya Ungar-Sargon wrote. “If that is the case, absent such affirmative signifiers, how exactly do you know whom to arrest?”

Why are so many young men paying for sex?

Last week, a report revealed that 1 in 10 British men have paid for sex. Find that shocking? Then try this for size: the same report, pulled from a total of over 6,000 men aged 16-74, also found that those most likely to have paid for sex in the last five years are single men aged 25 to 34.

The research – conducted by University College London and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and published in the journal Sexually Transmitted Infections – led lead researcher Dr Cath Mercer of UCL to conclude: “The picture that emerges does not necessarily fit the stereotype of the lonely older man … men who pay for sex are more likely to be young professionals.”

It’s an observation that rings true for Charlotte Rose, escort and sexual trainer. Two of her most regular clients are best friends, both aged 19, who visit Rose one day after the other. Neither count as anomalies among her clientele.

“The demographic is changing towards younger professionals because younger men’s preferences are changing,” Rose tells me. “A ‘professional service’ with an escort [creates] a mutual understanding of what the client wants and gets. All do’s and don’ts are pre-discussed and fantasies are more easily explored.”

Peter, a young professional in his late 20s, regularly visits escorts. He tells me that with some escorts there’s a connection, an emotional “nourishment” as he calls it, but that most of the time it’s “purely transactional”, feeding a sexual need, getting that professional service Rose speaks of.

See the connection?

UPDATE:  Another “Yes means yes”, this time in Wisconsin.

Under pressure from the federal government to look tough on campus sexual assault, several Wisconsin universities are adopting misguided “yes means yes” consent policies.

“Several Wisconsin universities already have begun informing freshmen as soon as they arrive on campus that sexual activity is policed by the student code of conduct, with ramifications up to and including expulsion,” the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal-Sentinel wrote. “The expectation is that every sexual contact must be preceded with consent from both parties; a clear and freely given ‘yes’ — not the absence of a ‘no.’ Students incapacitated by alcohol or drugs are considered incapable of giving consent.”

The problem with such a policy, as I’ve documented many times before, is that consent is defined vaguely and whether someone obtained consent is nearly impossible to prove or disprove (unless they record the entire night’s encounter, which is illegal in many states without the other party’s consent). Otherwise, it’s a matter of he said/she said.

Pressure from the Obama administration forces colleges and universities to handle sexual assault complaints as if they were criminal courts…

The establishment of campus sex police is coming from the Left, and that means it will extend beyond  the college campus to as many other places as the Left can manage.  More evidence the Left wants to get into everyone’s bedroom.  All this means more business for the world’s two oldest professions.

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