Things to know about the Manafort Indictment

Five Things To Know About The Manafort Indictment.

1. Manafort has been in bed with the Russians for a long time, but not on behalf of Trump. Manafort was making $10 Million a year on his Russian connections.

2. Trump hired Manafort to help him with the GOP nomination process, nothing to do with Russia. Manafort quit or was fired after the GOP convention.

3. Manafort was under surveillance before he became involved in the trump campaign.

4. The FBI early morning raid — eh, not important.

5. Some Clinton allies, such as Tony Podesta, should be worried. Yeah, but they won’t be. They’re Democrats, nothing will happen to them. Mueller’s team of Deep State partisan leftists won’t be interested in them.

More things to know about this:

6. [You thought there were only five?] Manafort is associated with the GOP now so he will surely be convicted no matter what the facts may be. No conservative or Republican can get a fair trial before a Washington DC jury.

7. Real justice will not be visited upon Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, Mueller himself and anyone connected with Uranium One and the Clinton/DNC e-mail cover-up.

8. The final upshot is that the charges all relate or derive from Manafort’s business activities that predate Manafort’s involvement with the Trump campaign.

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