These are the Crazy Years

These are the crazy years. Robert Heinlein invented the “crazy years” in certain of his science fiction novels. The crazy years were said to be “a gradual deterioration of mores, orientation and social institutions, terminating in mass psychoses in the sixth decade”. The crazy years lasted six decades in Heinlien’s stories so if that holds and we are now living in the crazy years, and if this madness started only recently, then no one over 40 will outlive them.

The persecution of Jack Phillips, owner of the Masterpiece Cake Shop in Lakewood, Colorado, got me to thinking we had entered the crazy years. Plenty of other surreal otherworldly events had already started me down that road.

A partial list  includes the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, swing voter Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court single-handily abolishing traditional marriage, the wide-spread belief that it’s possible to change your sex from the one to which you were born, the sudden ascendancy of the LGBTQ-RTDJKYLM community to idolatry status, caravans of aliens arriving on our Southern border armed with the notion that everyone on earth has a Constitutional right to live in the United States, (along with thousands of Americans seeming to agree), and finally the highest ranking Democrat in Congress declaring it “immoral” for America to have a secure border.

That and more convinced me we really are living in the crazy years.

Now there is a new development that propels craziness to new heights (lows?) and should constitute a revelation to anyone who doubts these are the crazy years: LGBT Activists Teaching Judges To Yank Kids From Parents Who Won’t Transgender Them    —  Documents obtained from Rhode Island Family Court must concern any person who questions whether it’s a good idea to chemically and surgically mutilate children.

If you are the parent of a 13-year old who decides he or she is no longer satisfied with their sex and that they want to change to the other one, you can get in big trouble if you have the audacity to think your child is just suffering from an episode of pubescent confusion and will soon recover his senses (using the male gender pronoun when referring to both sexes, as I was taught in grammar school back in the normal years).

Note my use of the word “sex” in the above rather than “gender.” That’s because sex is the correct term. Gender is a form of language. I’m in the resistance on this, I’m not willing to suffer the crazy years gladly.

What can happen if your 13-year old happens to tell the school nurse he or she thinks he or she wants to be she or he? Well, your precious one may be referred to a psychologist (without your consent, or with your consent). If the psychologist agrees with your kid and recommends hormone therapy and you refuse because you think your child is simply going though adolescence and will soon recover, well then what might happen? You might wind up in a courtroom where a judge, upon testimony of child protective services, may declare you to be an unfit parent for denying proper medical treatment for your child.

Oh, it can get worse. What if the “experts” say your child should have his or her body mutilated to satisfy his or her psychotic craving to be the “opposite” sex? [Had to put scare quotes on “opposite” because of the latest derangement that there can be many different “genders” i.e. sexes, perhaps thousands]

Well, in that case you may see you son or daughter gleefully go under the knife even though you know there is a substantial likelihood that in future years this event will have caste your  child into a deep regret and depression.

These are the crazy years. It’s scary how fast it happened.

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