There is one political party of diversity in America — it’s the Republican party

George W. Bush, whatever else you might think of him, appointed and nominated more people of color to serve in his administration and to the courts than the Democrats have ever done.  That is the simple truth and denying it will not change it.  I haven’t done the research but I’d bet dollars to doughnut holes that an analysis of history from 1960 to the present would show more minorities of Black, Hispanic, and Asian ethnicity, to have served in prominent government positions when the Republicans were in power than when Democrats were in power.

Nevertheless, the Democrats now and forever are bent on characterizing the Republican party as the party of old white men.  By themselves, Democrats could not pull this off.  The facts are against them, and trying to hide from reality is not a long term strategy.  The Democrats have a partner in this effort, however.

On Tuesday night Rep. Artur Davis, a black American; Mia Love, a black candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives from Utah; and Texas senatorial hopeful Ted Cruz gave riveting speeches at the Republican convention.  MSNBC was covering the Republcian convention on Tuesday night.  MSNBC cut away from the convention during the speeches by Davis, Love and Cruz.  MSNBC opted to show commentary during that time anchored by Rachel Maddow, Rev. Al Sharpton, Ed Schultz, Chris Matthews, Chris Hayes and Steve Schmidt.  These are all media moguls, along with Al Sharpton, who have a long history of falsely accusing Republicans of being racist.

The prevailing media narrative is that Republicans are racist.  Nothing that contradicts this narrative, certainly not anything so worthless as truth, facts, or simple reality, will be ever allowed to penetrate the liberal mind.

Andrew Klavan has a good take on this:

They didn’t want anyone to see that men and women of color were a cherished and honored part of the Republican party. That’s not their narrative so, by gum, they weren’t going to show it. Which raises — not a complaint — but a question: What good is a philosophy that can’t withstand even the sight of the simple facts? If, for instance, you are pro-abortion, why protest when pro-lifers show films of an abortion taking place? If you’re afraid reality will prejudice people against your point of view, shouldn’t you consider changing your point of view? Am I missing something?

No one could ever accuse this blog of blind political partisanship.  This post praises the Republican party for its diversity, and the post immediately below is my take on why the Republican party is often called the stupid party, and why I believe that accusation is richly deserved.

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