The Vision of the Anointed

The Vision of the Anointed is a book written by Thomas Sowell in 1995. I bought the book immediately and devoured it. The book explains so much about how and why the so-called anointed (self-anointed is a better description) see themselves as the only ones who understand a situation capable enough to change it for the better.

They believe they have been ceremonially “anointed” to rule over the unwashed masses and/or anyone of any class who, in their anointed minds, are not “thinking people.”

The anointed have a peculiar sense of themselves. They believe they are the only ones capable of solving the social problems of the American people. In that endeavor they make decisions for others they deem  incapable of even understanding the problem, much less fixing it. The anointed see themselves as special. Anyone who dares to challenge that hypothesis is just ignorant, in their minds.

Thomas Sowell calls them out on this. He shows how these anointed people are the real ones incapable of serious thought based on evidence. In fact, they are disdainful of any evidence that might contradict their superior beliefs. The scientific method is just not up to snuff for them.

John Adams, one of America’s founding fathers, said this about facts and evidence:

Facts are stubborn things: and what ever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence…

To the anointed, facts and evidence are worthy of consideration only if they support what the anointed  have already decided to believe.

Governors that assigned lockdowns on their citizenry as a way to combat the spread of Covid-19 first said that only 14 days would be required to “slow the spread’ of the virus. When the spread did not slow down meant to these wizards only that they had not ordered long-enough lockdowns. So the lockdowns remained, some for many months. Regardless of the lockdowns, the virus continued to spread, sometimes dramatically as soon was winter wether came. I think Sowell would call this a “failure of policy.”

“Following the Science” is what the anointed preached, even though they seldom followed the science. If they had followed the science there likely would have been no mask mandates. There is simply no science that supports the wearing of masks as a way to stop Covid. All trials and tests have failed to show more than slight evidence of protecting those who wear masks most of the time. The reason is simple. If you can breathe through your mask then why wouldn’t the tiny Covid germ be able to squeeze through. In fact is would need to “squeeze” through. If can just fly through an open poor. The mask has hundreds of them.

The size of the poor hole of a surgical mask is anywhere from 400 to 10,000 nano meters (NM). The size of a Covid germ is anywhere from 50nm to 300nm.  Whatever the size of the Covid germ, it will easily penetrate your mask. Yet mask wearing became an overnight agenda that nearly everyone was wearing masks. Some even wore a mask while driving alone in their car.

But facts and evidence don’t matter to the Anointed. They know best. They are the “thinking people.”
That they deliver one policy failure after another has no effect on them.

Sowell says: What is intellectually interesting about visions are their assumptions and their reasoning, but what is socially crucial  in the extend to which they are resistant to evidence.

Dr. Anthony Fauci must be one of the highest ranking members of The Vision of the Anointed cult. He first said masks should not be worn, then when he saw the anointed vision crowd of which he desperately wanted to emulate, spreading mask nonsense, he quickly changed his mind. He changed his mind not because of any new facts or evidence. He immediately fell into line with the Vision of the Anointed.

Sowell calls these policy debacles “Patterns of Failure.” He says: A very distinct pattern has emerged repeatedly when policies favored by the anointed turn out to fail. The pattern typically has four stages:

They are:

  1. The “Crisis.” Some situation arises that threatens really bad things to come.
  2. The “Solution.” The anointed advocate some policy they have concocted that will lead to a beneficial result. We’ll be OK if we just listen to our betters.
  3. The “Results.” The policies are instituted and either nothing happens or everything gets worse.
  4. The “Response.” The blame is laid on those who interfered and didn’t trust the vision of the anointed.

Think about AOC and her “Green New Deal.” If ever implemented it will be a disaster. She will then blame Republicans. Or Climate Change. The anointed just know that humans have the ability to “fix” climate change if we  just follows the dictates of the anointed.  When the climate either does not change or gets a whole lot worse, we rubes who doubted the vision of the anointed will be blamed.

I’m remind of the book The True Believers by Eric Hoffer, in which he described the True Believers as people who want to infect society with a malady and then offer themselves as the remedy.

Twelve years after the Vision of the Anointed Sowell wrote another great book, A Conflict of Visions. I highly recommend it.


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