The Truth About The Left’s Passion For Gun Control Laws

Strict gun control laws are necessary to control criminal gun violence. Is that true? If you support such laws then you probably believe it’s true. Do gun control laws reduce gun crime?  If that is even half true then gun control laws should be considered beneficial to the health and safety of all Americans.

But, it’s not true. It’s not even half true. In fact, is it so twisted from the truth it hides the real truth. Gun control laws actually make peaceful law-biding people less safe than if there were no gun control laws at all. Of course, I’m talking only about handguns and rifles, not bazookas or howitzers. Nobody outside Mogadishu wants to see 50-millimeter machine gun barrels protruding from the windshield of cars.

Do gun control laws eliminate any guns now in existence?  The only guns that are taken out of anyone’s hands are taken from good people who pose no threat to anyone. Guns in the hands of criminals are already illegal for the criminal to possess. Gun control law have no affect whatsoever against criminals that they were not already subjected to. Criminals will make every effort to keep their guns. They certainly don’t care about any gun control law when they are already breaking several laws every day.

The truth is that guns in the hands of peaceful law-abiding citizens are no threat to anyone. It’s not just that by definition peaceful law-abiding people are no threat, they have powerful incentives to remain peaceful and law-abiding. Unlike criminals, they have a lot more to lose than just their freedom. Law-abiding people likely have income from employment. They likely have assets such as automobiles, houses, and investments. Any involvement in crime, especially gun crime, puts all they’ve worked for in jeopardy. A handgun with the serial number filed off in the hands of a criminal is not too big a deal for that person. Such as firearm in the hands of a normally law abiding citizen can be devastating because it’s a felony to possess a gun with a defaced serial number.

Laws of this nature are not the gun control laws I’m concerned with. These are normal criminal laws that are broken only by criminals. Laws of this nature affect only criminals. Gun control laws affect only peaceful law-abiding citizens. They have no effect on criminals except that criminals favor such laws. They disarm law-abiding citizens only. Criminals keep their guns. Criminals like gun control laws. Such laws make their lives easier by creating masses of unarmed potential victims.

Complete confiscation is not necessary to impair the ability of citizens to defend themselves from criminal attack. Magazine limit laws leave the citizens with lass ability to defend themselves from attack by multiple attackers. Banning particular guns means banning a gun that some people have chosen as best for them. It makes no sense and it does not do anything to reduce gun crime.

I know a little about this. Years ago in the 1700 block of Lincoln Street in Denver I was attacked by a mob of about 10 to 12  teenage youths. It was after hours and already dark. I was walking back to my law office after a workout at the YMCA. I had only my gym bag full of sweaty clothes. Fortunately, I was able to reach the entrance to the building and swipe my access card to get the door open, enter, close and lock it in their faces.  They chanted some colorful words and flipped me their middle fingers in unison, and then walked away looking for other victims I suppose.

Multiple attacker muggings are on the rise since those days. I have no idea whether the creeps who tried to attack me were armed. I was not. I considered them armed because that many fists and feet against a single unarmed person can be just as deadly as one attacker with a gun.

Gun control laws do not protect anyone from deadly attacks.  They do the opposite. These laws help bad guys and harm good people by making them more vulnerable to criminal attack.

I learned my lesson about walking around after dark on a deserted city street. I got a concealed carry permit, got training in how to use a firearm for personal protection, and now know that regular practice at a range is vitally necessary. Not everyone has the desire to do this. But all peaceful law-abiding citizens should have the right to do what I did. They should not be hampered by gun control laws that control nobody except those of us who will never threaten anyone.

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