The Truth About Guns

The simple truth is that guns help, not hurt, millions of Americans:[Bold added for emphasis]

Words are inadequate to describe the horror of the Las Vegas shooting, or any mass shooting, or any death or injury of anybody resulting from a criminal attack. There is evil in the world.

What is most shocking, however, is that for liberals, evil realized is merely another opportunity to score political points.

The reaction is to immediately, indeed, instantaneously, politicize the most hideous crime without pausing to learn the facts. (Unless, of course, if the murderer appears to be Muslim, when we must not to jump to conclusions!)

The dead were still being identified when liberal politicians, celebrities, pundits and activists began blaming the carnage on anyone who did not endorse the standard left-wing agenda. Even though none of the panaceas advanced by Democratic politicians would have stopped Stephen Paddock — who exhibited no signs of mental illness, radical political sentiments or criminal intent — from committing mass murder.

Television host Jimmy Kimmel said GOP leaders should pray for forgiveness for “letting the gun lobby run this country.” If he meant the NRA, it barely breaks into the top 500 political contributors nationally. And the NRA is actually tens of millions of peaceful, law-abiding people across the nation.

South African “comedian” Trevor Noah of “The Daily Show” went even further. He said he’d “never been to a country where people are as afraid to speak about guns.” He said that … on national TV, to every American who tuned in. 

Leftie columnists Nicholas Kristof and Richard Cohen regurgitated their usual proposals for restricting gun ownership, even though those proposals would not have impeded Paddock. 

Their objective is not just to win votes for Democrats. It is to write out of polite society anyone who doesn’t share their views.

To liberals, Paddock wasn’t responsible for the atrocity in Las Vegas. It was those who don’t believe in taking away guns from everyone else in America. Liberals believe every gun owner to be complicit in the Las Vegas murders. 

If the left were serious, it would try to understand the facts of the crime: Paddock gave off no obvious warning signals; the only way to prevent him from owning a weapon would have been to stop every American from owning a weapon. 

Stopping every American from owning a weapon will not ever happen. It isn’t possible.  Stopping every  law-abiding American from owning a gun, that might be possible even though it wouldn’t be easy.

Why do liberals want to disarm peaceful people knowing that the criminals will still have guns? Why do liberals think that placing more restrictions on the peaceful people will stop gun violence when the crooks will still have guns? Why liberals think….Oh. I get it. They don’t think very well.

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