The Trump Phenomenon may not end well

If Trump is the Republican nominee and goes on to lose the general election to Hillary Clnton, the Republican establishment will get the last laugh. Except that it won’t be funny. It will be a disaster for the those who gave their support to Trump and made his phenomenon a possibility. Many of these people are the dispossesed who have lost jobs, lost wages, lost hope under Obama’s promise of hope and change. Turns out Obama and his minions were hoping for something entirely different from what they led everyone to believe. The result was that America is no longer working for a lot of the middle class and that is why they are looking for something else. Donald Trump got them because he seems to understand them and why they’re angry.

Trump has won all the delegates he now has not by winning a majoritiy of votes cast in the  primaries but by winning the plurality in a field of several candidates. If Trump had faced a one on one contest with say, Ted Cruz, the result may have been different. Much different in fact. Trump could already have become a distant memory. No one can claim to really know, it’s a counterfactual. But one that can’t be ignored.

In the general election when Trump has to face only one opponent he won’t be able to win with the sort of numbers that have propelled him so far. Trump took on the establishment and appears to winning now, but he could also be the one who enables the establishment to regain its position. The GOP establishment may prefer to win elections but losing elections has never caused them much discomfort. They were the minorirty party for decades and they learned to profit from it nevertheless. Even when they lose they are still in Washington enjoying all the perks of office and cocktail party invitations. This includes all the opportunities for graft that enables politicians whose Congressional salary alone would never explain how they manage to finally leave office as multi-millionaires.

Here’s how Ace sees it:

 Trump will lead us to an electoral disaster the very dimensions of which will perversely serve as a validation of the Establishment who actually caused the disaster.

That is, when Trump loses everything — and all indications are that he will lose everything for us, the presidency, the Senate, the courts– the well-read-but-stupid seneschals of the Establishment will rise back to prominence.

There’s an old saying: If you take a shot at the king, you’d best not miss.

As of now Trump looks to be a strong but what if his shot at the King is a miss? All we know now is… “There’s something happening here. What it is ain’t exactly clear…”


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