The Trouble With Libertarians

I should say the trouble conservatives have with libertarians. As you’ll see, liberal Democrats have no reason to be troubled by libertarians.

Libertarians don’t think anything through. In that sense they’re a lot like liberals. They don’t stop to think if we do this, what will happen then? If we legalize marijuana, what will happen? If they do think it through, they invariably come to the wrong answer.

Marijuana legalization was supposed to destroy the street dealers and end the  black market in pot. It was not going to create new pot heads, only conservatives believed that. Turns out this was just another example of libertarians not understanding human nature. The black market thrives since legalization in Colorado, Denver has become the central hub for the illegal distribution of pot to surrounding states, and more people are smoking dope and thus becoming rattle-brained than before legalization.

The only thing libertarians predicted that has come true is that legalization would raise millions of new taxes for government to misspend. This is another case of libertarians pushing policies that produce results contradictory to all they claim to believe in. In this case, it’s their supposed belief in small government that leaves us alone. But all those millions in dope taxes only empowers government and makes it bigger. No one should expect an even bigger government to interfere less in our private lives. The bigger the government the more of a nuisance it becomes. Libertarians claim to want smaller government and then support policies that inevitably make it larger.

Here are a some spot-on  quotes from analytical pieces I’ve found on the problem with libertarianism.

The Case Against Libertarianism

It’s fun poking at them with sharp sticks for their stance on illegal drugs that looks suspiciously like most of them just like to smoke dope. And the conspicuous lack of a firm moral code has always troubled me, because there is some behavior, independent of its immediate harm to others, that simply does not belong in a civilized society. One of the biggest irritants in the Libertarian fixation on being relevant is its fetish for running candidates who are sometimes quite destructive to the very ideas of personal responsibility and freedom and liberty. Run your ass off…yippee…we live in a free country, but don’t spoil the election for the Republican!

But for me, the most significant argument by far against Libertarianism and the suggestion that we should take them seriously is their stubborn insistence on open borders without insisting on the dismantling of the welfare state first! Are they really so rigid and stupid and ignorant of reality that they cannot see that open borders will destroy America so quickly that even if by some miracle Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid were to wither away some time after our borders were flung open to the hordes of STEM graduates and budding entrepreneurs and earnest teenagers just itching at a chance to go to Harvard, the welfare state would come roaring back bigger than ever, and American Exceptionalism (and, probably, America) would be no more?

Yeah…that’s rhetorical. I think we all know the answer.

The Problem With Libertarians

There was a time I called myself a Libertarian. And there was a time I was a Libertarian. I just wanted to get government to leave me alone, to leave people alone and to go all crazy and limit itself to doing only that which is spelled out clearly in the Constitution. That was what a Libertarian was. But it’s not anymore.

The word no longer has any meaning, no definition or parameters, certainly no coherent philosophy to speak of. And there’s no one to blame for that except Libertarians themselves.

So what happened?

By not even loosely defining the parameters of a set of beliefs, Libertarians allowed their brand – as it was – to be hijacked by anyone willing to wear the label. They went from the movement for individual responsibility, small government and free markets to a gaggle of misfits who want pot and prostitution legalized and a total non-interventionist foreign policy.

That pretty much sums it up.

Honestly, what does being a Libertarian mean beyond legalizing drugs, banging hookers and sitting by while the rest of the world blows itself up?

None of the above is the worst thing about libertarians. The worst is that they run candidates in elections that have no hope of winning but drag votes away from the GOP. In this way libertarians promote Democrat victories that are guaranteed to implement government polices libertarians claim to abhor.

Libertarians should change their name to the “shoot yourself in the foot” party. Here’s a video that expands further on the problem with libertarianism.

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