The tiny virus (75nm) can go through your mask the same as mosquitos go through a chain-link fence

The virus is 50-120 nm (nanometers). A nm is one billionth of a meter. One micron is 1000 nm. The smallest particle that can be seen with the naked eye is 50 microns, or 50,000 nanometers. If you still think your mask is protecting you from the virus, you are very wrong.

The latest BS from the CDC on masks is not supported by any data, science, logic or common sense. It’s all politics and the desire to hold on to power. The data they rely on is “cases” which is worthless. Hospitalizations and deaths are what counts, and even that is suspicious because doctors will label a death as covid when it ‘s obvious the patient died of other causes albeit “with” covid but not because of covid.

No one should be afraid of the Delta Variant. It’s contagious but not lethal. The flu kills way more people. I’m old enough to know severely people who died of the flu. I don’t know anyone who died of covid, certainly not because of covid. If you are not vaccinated you should consider getting the vaccine. It works. It’s your decision, of course.

A few other things:

Lot of great books to read. Here are two that will help you to know what is going on:Tth

This was written in 1950 by Eric Hoffer (1902-1983), the Longshoreman philosopher. It has remained in print since then. Hoffer says the True Believers wish to infect society a malady and then offer themselves as the remedy.

This one by Mark Levin Will widen your universe with the craziness in America today. You’re probably already there but, like me, you probably want to know why and what it all is. Levin shows that Marxism has been in America for quite some time, just not always under that name.

Marxism is a sick and sorry way to live, so why does it have such a following today? Hoffer and Levin answer that question.



New Wyoming Poll shows m ore trouble for Liz Cheney;



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