The Ted Cruz Agenda

At a meeting in Council Bluffs, Iowa last night Ted Cruz laid out the agenda that will begin on his first day as President:

(1) Rescind Obama’s Executive Orders;
(2) Instruct DOJ to follow the law and investigate Planned Parenthood;
(3) Stop persecution of religious liberty;
(4) Rip to shreds the Iran deal;
(5) Move the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem;
(6) Repeal Obamacare;
(7) Common Core is ended;
(8) Rebuild the military and allow troops to carry weapons so that there are no more shootings like at the recruiting center in Chattanooga;
(9) Secure the borders, no sanctuary cities and pass Kate’s law;
(10) Take on the administrative state starting with the EPA and CFPB; and
(11) Enact a flat tax and abolish the IRS.

On illegal immigration he said he would send 90,000 IRS agents to the Rio Grande and that will send all illegal border crossers running back home in fear.

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