The Tea Party of Great Britain — If There is Such a Thing

That would be the UKip, the UK Independent Party led by Nigel Farage.  This man is a rarity in Britain, a rarity in all of Europe for that matter, for he is a man with tremendous cojones even though he has only one.  The other was lost to cancer years ago.  He has also survived a plane crash and is currently surviving quite well as the most eloquent proponent of the demise of the EU.  That body is a corrupt bureaucracy bent on destroying freedom and democracy throughout Europe and Great Britain, in fact has pretty much accomplished that.  His party is gaining popularity in Britain due to the rising revolt among the British against the EU and the Sclerotic leftward drift of the Tories under David Cameron .  This is in spite of the skanks in the BBC who daily level ad hominem attacks in their concerted efforts t to characterize Farage and the UKip as “swivel-eyed, eccentric, dangerously right-wing, out-of-touch no hopers,” to quote James Delingpole, a slightly more outspoken and every bit as witty British version of Michael Barone.

Nigel Farage believes the EU to be have been a total failure which now exists solely to serve the power interests of the European political class at the expense of European democracy.   In this hilarious video of Farage in the European Parliament he harangues EU President Herman van Rompuy and says he has all “the charisma of a damp-rag” and the appearance of “low-grade bank clerk.”

Here is an analysis of the UKip in Britain:  Don’t expect the BBC to tell you , but the UKip is on the march

The UKip is made up of disaffected Tories. They are the conservatives who are dissatisfied with Tory leaders (think “Republican establishment” in the USA) who have become feckless and fainthearted. The Tories in Britain lose their strength and relevance by their torpor and ineptitude, much the way Republicans go awry and disappoint their conservative base in America. Here the disaffected are most likely to just stay home on election day, but in Britain with its multi-party parliamentary system there is always another party to support. Right now, the UKip is it. This quote of Peter Osborne in a recent Telegraph column makes the point:

“If a left-wing party had reached Ukip’s size and consequence, the media would be fascinated. But, because of its old-fashioned and decidedly provincial approach, it has been practically ignored. In the 2004 European elections, the party gained a sensational 16 per cent of the vote. Had it been the Greens or the communists that had pulled off this feat, the BBC would have gone crazy. Instead it chose not to mention this event, coolly classifying Ukip as ‘other’.”

The point made by James Delingpole in his Spectator analysis of the UKip is that the moment Tories start behaving like proper Conservatives again — Eurosceptical, small government, low tax, etc — that 16% vote captured by the UKip will be straight back into the Tory fold and Britain will have a proper, Thatcherite government again doing the Lord’s work.

The Brits understand their own politics better than a majority of Americans understand theirs.  In fact, the Brits understand our politics better than we do.  That makes British newspapers and  journals good reading for Americans.  The Republican Establishment should take note, but of course it won’t.

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