The slogans of the left are always meant to confound and confuse

Saturday night specials, junk guns, cop killer bullets, high capacity magazines, weapons of war, assault rifles, sniper rifles, reasonable gun control, sensible gun control, gun safety, gun show loophole, for the children, ten children a day, social justice, greater good, nobody wants to take your guns.

Lies fly, while the truth comes limping behind. — Jonathan Swift (1667-1745), author of “The Art of Political Lying”

The slogans of the left greatly help them pull the wool over your eyes. I’ve listed a few above, you can probably think of even more. These are slogans that might be shorthand references to facts and circumstances sensible and desirable by all right-thinking people. They aren’t. They are not intended to enhance our understanding of complex phenomena. They are meant to overcome our resistance to ideas and policies that are in reality worthless and stupid.

“Social Justice” and “greater good” are two of the most deceitful slogans the left has birthed into our world. Thomas Sowell says whenever an adjective is placed in front of “justice” you can be sure they’re not talking about justice, not real justice. I believe an adjective such as “greater” in front of “good” is from the same fetid swamp of deceit and deception

The left is so much better than the right in coming up with slogans meant to imply a false understanding of something, to place it in a false light. Maybe the right has an old-fashioned notion of rectitude. Maybe the right is thinking of consequences, of getting caught in a lie.  The right, unlike the left, does not have a corrupt media to come to their rescue for any and every wrong doing.

The only good slogan conservatives ever came up with is “tax and spend.” It’s a good one because it meets Shakespeare’s criteria of brevity being the soul of wit.  Unlike the slogans of the left which are always meant to deceive and confuse the reader or listener, the one conservative slogan is accurate and meant not to flummox and confound, but rather to illuminate and enlighten.

“Tax and spend,” does, with as few words as possible, accurately and succinctly describe what the left always wants to do.

In the common law a slander or libel action can be based upon a statement meant to depict someone in a “false light.” It’s a tort that can be pursued in the courts. The #MeToo movement involves a lot of possible “false light” claims.

We should sue the bastards. Of course, we won’t because unlike in past history we live in a world we did not make. That world includes a court system corrupted by politically motivated judges who allow their personal political preferences to taint their interpretation of the facts and the law. There are always learned and straight-thinking judges that will do their level best to uphold the rule of law. But whether you’ll get one of those is a “crap shoot.” You’ll probably spend many thousands of dollars before you find out which kind of judge you have to preside over your case. It’s probably not worth your time and effort, not to mention your bank account.

This is the age of the “emancipation of the uninhibited self” as the path to the “greater good.” It’s where political correctness came from. I put the “emancipation of the uninhibited self” in quotes because it comes not from my brain but from the great American philosopher Harry Jaffa (1918-2015). He used it to define the zeitgeist on college and university campuses in today’s America. He said the greatest example of the uninhibited self is Adolf Hitler. He always did whatever he wanted to do.

That’s the essence of the uninhibited self.  It abounds in the modern world.

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