The Road to Freedom — Interview of Arthur Brooks

Free enterprise offers the most happiness, freedom and prosperity to the most people. It is also despised by politicians because it limits their power, and by most businessmen because it limits their ability to set their prices and forces them to compete for business. Thus, as much as it benefits any country or society that adopts it, it is always under attack and must be constantly defended from political attack by rent seekers.

To successfully defend free enterprise, to stay on the road to freedom and avoid the road to serfdom, we should know and understand the tactics used by the enemies of free enterprise. That means being wary of anyone talking about “fairness” or “justice”, especially when they insert the word “social” in front of it, because social justice so often means a denial of ordinary justice and fairness can mean a total absence of true fairness. These words do not have universally agreed upon definitions. True fairness is achieved only when we have power over our own destiny, power and freedom to reap the rewards of the our own earned success. The other road, the road to serfdom, leads only to learned helplessness.

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